Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sign Generators Get Downgraded got a thumbs down from because of the difficulty using the geneartors (this was very depressing as they would not list our site for huge PROMO). They explained that there were too many choices and too many buttons/dropdowns and fillable forms that would confuse the average computer user. THIS MEANS THAT I MUST DOWNGRADE THE SIGN GENERATOR WIDGETS!

I have started making them easier to use, here's an example using one of the church sign generators: BEFORE and AFTER. You will notice far less settings to confuse web users (you can still goto the advanced page to do more text styles) and now you do not need to make individual lines of text, just one line will get spaced in the image properly and automatically.

I know many people complained IN THE PAST about the complicated sign generators (all the gradient fills, multiple lines of text, watermarking, comic bubbles, etc), all the advanced settings were confusing the majority, but people liked the ease of use on my sites like,,, etc... I only wanted to have the most advanced settings to give the most possibilities as all the other sign generator sites on the net were so basic to me and didn't have the fuctionality I was looking for. I guess you can make things too good.

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