Sunday, May 12, 2013


Holy Bible Verse & Text Image Generators, Verse By Verse Holy JPG

New image generators to promote Holy Bible search site verses. See for a sample. Every verse of the Bible (31,102) has a generated verse JPG (jpeg) image per verse. There are over 50 Bible translations used (50 X 31102 = 1,555,100 verse pics). Once you are at the image, you can choose from another dozen images to embed your favorite Bible verses to.

BIBLICAL PASSAGE SAMPLES: (MP3 AUDIO) We have 51 English Bible versions and 67 other translated language Bibles that are searchable and you can compare results! We also have a first of a kind triack, you can replace words (names of people, places, things) in the Bible with you own Name or words to make reading the Bible more fun. Put your name in the Holy Bible (change any text), make your own themes (images and colors) and more. We make Bible study fun! Sister sites:

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Holy Bible Scripture/Passage/Verse Image Generator

Set up an image generator for a religious Holy Bible site where you can change the text in a holy scroll (ancient parchment paper) or inspirational wallpaper. Here is a link to the picture generators: and you can keep clicking next to read the Holy Bible verse by verse or edit the clipart!

Friday, March 08, 2013


Search The Internet Properly - With this search tool you can search the top 200 search engines, portals, social media & multimedia sites side by side in a split screen for easy comparisons. Compare results for various topics (NEWS, shopping, videos, etc). This is a great tool for searching the internet! Drag & drop the Yahoogle bookmarklet to your favorites bar. This tool is customizable so you can personalize it with themes and your favorite websites (either dynamic searches configured to work with performed searches or static pages). Drag & drop the bookmarklet once you have it configured the way you need for a handy start page. You can even install this as your default search engine for when you search in the address bar of your web browser. Sites like,,,,,,,,,,,, and are made obsolete with this tool! Also: for power search or to find searchable sites.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Add Effects to Web Pages lets you add effects to webpages (similar to to any web site. Different effects for Internet Explorer as CSS3 is not fully functional and Microsoft incorporated extra filters that are not seen in Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc) and you will see some other effects show up when using Chrome or non IE browsers.


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