Friday, April 28, 2006


Avatar Generator - Web 2.0 Avatar Maker

Create your own avatars (80x80 to 100x100 pixel graphics/clipart) on

Many Web 2.0 services & blogs allow you to create a profile where you can upload a small square image to represent yourself. Now you can make personalized avatars with over 5,000 avatar/icon images (about 100 pages to browse) to customize. From ANIME cartoon characters to ZEBRAS (animals). Create your own customized avatars with your personalized words/text. You will be able to select an avatar image, choose a font, colour and position and write your name (or anything really) on it.

Even my own profile here on ( has an avatar that was created from the AVARTAR GENERATOR :)


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Monopoly Card Generator

Create your own parody Monopoly "Chance" or "Community Chest" with what ever text your heart desires on (just fill in the blanks, align the text, choose font and make it instantly). Send your creation as a free e-card or download it for future usage on blogs/websites.


Please, spare some change?

Bad Boys theme here...

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Tarot Card Message Generator (VIA Sign Generator)

Make your own customized tarot cards HERE with your custom text (about 50-100 characters) at the bottom. There are over 30 popular tarot cards to manipuate the text on, from the evil devil/satan (or death/reaper) to nice inspirational & celestial types (or be funny with the Fool) like The Sun/Moon/Stars. The complete tarot deck is not covered (there's about 20 missing, takes too long to scan all those damned cards) but all the popular cards are included (so don't expect to convert your eintire psychic reading from fortune tellers into personal graphics).

You can send your image creations to anyone by email (free ecards, or send to yourself if you are creating away from home or at work) or you can download them for later usage of your sites or blogs. You may also purchase your creation as a personalized product/gift (fridge magnet, postcard, greeting card, stickers and more choices).


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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Safety Sign Bulder, Warning Label Generator

Make your own OSHA safety mini posters/signs/stickers on, great for making funny danger signs around the office or make some real warning signs (you could just save a life today). This is a great time waster for work (safe for work toy, SFW).


This is a sample of custom title where you can customize the background color and the text/words.


"FOR DUMMIES" Book Cover Generator

Now can make your own bookcover for a book that looks like it's from the real "Books for Dummies" series. Visit for the page where anyone can make their own book covers, send as a free ecard or even purchase a refigerator magnet for a customised gift! I have always admired the Dummies books for quick reference at the library (too poor to buy them at book stores locally), they get right to the point without chapters of uses introductions and thre is no chapter on the "history of this and that".


Church Sign Generator

Now there is a new CHURCH SIGN GENERATOR on the block! This one doesn't use a realistic church sign though, this one uses the First Church of Springfield's (from the hit animated tv series, the Simpsons) front outdoor sign. Change the letters to make them say what ever words you want, just go to the site and fill in the blanks! You can download your created image as a JPG picture or e-mail it to a friend as a fun signs e-card!


There is another church sign creator too! is a great site that let's you personalize the text on a church real looking sign or look through archives of real funny church signs!
Here is a sample:

Similar sites around the net:

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