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Free Online Digital Scrapbooking For Everyone (Scrapbook Generators/Scrapbooking Generator)

Choose from 250 predesigned scrapbook layouts and backgrounds that you only need to add your picture and some personalised text (save and then go to text adding area, some areas designated for text are frame blanks or an obvious blank/clear area). This printable online digital scrapbooker generator is 100% free to use, web based internet scrapbooking that anyone can use. So easy to use even children are using it!


It's a web based scrapbooker make free digital scrapbooks online! Anyone (newbies, professionals, kids, students, grandmas) can now do their own scrapbooking projects right here online without installing any software (you do not even need photo editing applications like Photoshop) or paying any fees (it's free). This site can save you hundreds of dollars as their is no expensive scrapping tools needed, no messy adhesives, no real physical labor, no costly expenses for premade fancy stickers/embellishments, no cost for art supplies, save your money for life expenses! You can even do your scrapbooking while at the office, at school or even at the local library. You upload photographs directly from your digital camera (USB, file limit size is 1MB/1024KB and you can upload/import standard image files of the types JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF), you can import any image from free hosting sites (like or use an image search engine (like Google's) to find graphics and free clipart. Once you have uploaded your photograph and picked out a scrapbook layout, you can use the other image generator tools to add more features (exampe: add multiple text messages, add props, frames, etc).
Here's a fun sample (Merry Bushmas):

Labels: , , , , , , , , , , Upload Photo Add Effects allows you to upload a photograph straight from digital camera or computer (even import from image hosting sites like Flickr) to a web server where all processing for special effect layers, frames/borders, movie props, famous people and cartoonify take place. There are hundreds of fun templates too to use as photo frames. Just add your photos, save, add text and other embellishments for free! Download your creations for free!


ADD TEXT: You have 2 choices here, one is for fancy 3D text effects or you can choose from a more standardized text style (hundreds of TTF fonts). Add neat text messages and saying to your photographs. Over 300 font styles to select from (some semitransparent).

FRAMER: Many realistic (actual photographs of painting and picture frames) frames you can choose to put around you photo. Your photo is resize to fit the frame (might be squeezed too much one way) or you can choose to have frame sized to the photo (this may affect the framing detail). A few of the frames are 3D CAD rendered.

BORDERS: Choose from many unique and neat borders to put over your image (photo is resized to fit border or you can choose to have border change sizing to suit your photo aspects). From barbed wire to your favorite snack food, many 3D rendered bordering layers (transparencies added).

SPECIAL EFFECTS: These are semitransparent (somewhat see through, partially transparent) layer effects that go over top your entire photo (usually will cover your entire image with an effect). Effects ranging from electrifying lightning strikes to wet water ripples.

COMIC MAKER: Choose a speech balloon or a thought bubble and resize/align it on your photograph. Also add in some text for a personal message. You can also add some cartoon characters from the people props section (Add Humanoid).

FUN TEMPLATES: Put your photo in a template of spherical objects like snow globes or crystal balls. Halloween greetings, TV sets, Wanted Poster, Magazine covers and more! Your photos can be either portrait or horizon layouts, but square images work the best. Photos are squeezed to fit area (or stretched if you are using smaller clipart, we suggest larger images), but you can do some adjustments of where the photo is placed (use mouse and highlight the rectangular area over the image appearance spot).

IMAGE PROPS: Add elements to your photos like everyday objects and fantasy graphics, like movie propz.

ADD HUMAN: You can add famous people (celebrities, models, science, president, actors), game characters, devils and other humanoid figures to you photos to make it look like they were there with you!

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