Monday, March 01, 2010


Fan Sign Generator is a site where you will find hundreds of photos of real people holding signs where you can actually change the text to make the signs say what ever you want them to say.

SAMPLES: is a new site I made after I got much negative email in response to my opening of

From the site:

Here you can make your own realistic fan signs from your fans using blank fan sign templates where you can fill in the words with your own custom text. The image processing is done online so you do not need any PhotoShop skills and you do not need to use software on your computer (everything is done through your web browser). Make it look like these people made a fan sign especially for you with a personalized touch to show you are meant to be the receiver. We even have a few celebrities posing with blank signs where you can put what ever text in the sign that you wish.

What is a fan sign?

Ever see someone holding a homemade cardboard sign up at a sports game (hockey, football, baseball, cricket, rugby, etc) field, arena or stadium? Well that's a classic example of a sports "fan sign" (a sign a fan makes to cheer on their favorite team or player)! We have all sorts of people holding signs that you can change the words on.

A digital fan sign is basically any hand made (usually hand written too) sign (from paper sheets, posterboard, whiteboards, etc) with text that was made by a fan of yours (maybe a fan of your website/blog/forum, fan of your band, best friend). Often the person who created the fan sign will pose to a camera to capture a photo of them with the sign they made (converted to a JPG web image). These signs are made with phrases or nicknames that prove the sign was made for someone in particular so they cannot be used on any site. These passed on signs then get displayed online like trophies on various websites, the more collectors have, the more they feel that people admire them.

What is a "sign generator"?

A sign generator is similar to the tools we have here (except here we have people holding signs only), customizable graphics where you take a photo of a sign (can be restaurant/business signs, roadside signs, school signs, government signs, safety signs, etc) and change the text to make it personalized. The biggest difference is a sign generator can be any type of sign from large fancy church signs to signs panhandlers are holding.

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