Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Logo Maker, Design Logos Online


I updated the text to texture writting on an image to have another 500 seamless tiles (background textures to use for fonts and typed words, dynamic images). You can browse the texture previews on www.txt2pic.com/signs/logos/logos.asp (even preview as a webpage background graphic/image in full screen in case you need web page back ground tiles). I have concidered this Web 2.0 application a logo creator as that is what most people seem to use it for (my original intention was for it to be a email sig generator so search engines and spam bots could not read your email address).

If you do not want to have a fancy texture for your text logo, then try out www.txt2jpg.com for the simpler version of this online app/tool.

Don't forget that we have an animated text logo designer (bling glitters) on www.glitterizer.com :)

You are free to use these logos that you create/personalize yourself in any way you see fit. For the free versions of the logos, one of our web pages are tagged in the lower left corner (tradeware software) or you can pay a small "ransom" (PayPal payment option, cheap to have full rights by removing tags) to have the tag removed. Use the logos on your blog, forum, guestbook, website, MySpace forums, social network/bookmarking sites, personal profiles, hide your e-mail addy, etc...

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Drug Prescription Image Generator

Ever wanted to make your own prank drug prescription without visiting the doctor? Well now you can (no for actual use, just a parody image to send as an ecard or add to your blog)!

Just fill in the blanks on http://medicine-drug-prescription.txt2pic.com


Don't take this to the pharmacist, it may result in legal charges (you might get arrested). THis "sign generator" is only meant to use for funny pictures, do not print for legit purposes!


Comedy Search Engine (Official)

I keep getting emails sending me links to other funny image generators, but many seem to get lost in the SPAM mail box. Well, I have set up a comedy site (i concide image and sign generators humorous) where you can submit these other funny image generators too, check out my new site www.ComedySearchEngine.com! It's not an image generating site, but if you search for sign generators, you will find a tonne...

TITLE: Comedy Search Engine:

DESC: 1000's (already over 10,000 popular humor sites and resources already added) of funny sites for days/weeks of unlimited fun to give your free laughs (warning, you may forget to sleep)! From pranks to jokes! Please submit any humor resources that we may have missed.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Aimated GIF Glitter Maker (NEW)


Glitter Maker is a free online glitter graphic web application where you can quickly and easily generate free glitter graphics (animated sparkle text with your own words)! Make your own "sparklies"! We have made 500 online Glitter Generators! You can choose from hundreds of fonts (preview of each) and choose hundreds of background colors for your animated sparkle text effects.

Over 500 text glitter fill effects to choose!
Make a free logo for your web site or blog/forum that stands out and grabs the attention of anyone who stumbles upon your pages. This GIF animator is an online web application/tool that requires no installation of any software (all web based). In fact, no downloadable software (usually not free) can even compare with our variety of animations to choose from! Our glitter maker is a modified (upgraded) version of our static (non animated) logo creator (which was actually a modified version of our text to JPG creator on www.txt2jpg.com).


Using our dynamic glitter graphics maker, you can now personalize animated glittery text for your website, your MySpace profile, or even your message board signatures! Glitter Maker's free glitter graphics are usable anywhere HTML can be used, and everywhere images can be displayed. Best of all, it's free! So go ahead, and take advantage of what Glitter Maker has to offer. Glitterize your custom message! Make your own words turn to glitter right before your eyes without having to install any software or following long tutorials. Make your glitters online quickly and easily, no limits! With this online application, you can glitterize your personal text message (limited to 30 characters). Make pimped out "bling bling" text effects (diamonds sparkling). jiggly/wiggly Jello effects, shimmering gold, sparkling stars, glistening gems, melting lava and other animated special effects.

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Monday, September 04, 2006


Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Custom Hollywood Star (click)

Personalize your own (with your own name) famous Hollywood sidewalk star in cement (the bronze star-plaques, embedded in pink & charcoal terrazzo squares on the world's most famous sidewalk: the Hollywood Walk of Fame)! These renowned sidewalk "stars" salute the celebrities who made Hollywood great - from the silent film stars of yesteryear to the modern action heroes of today's blockbusters...

More fun/parody image makers on www.txt2pic.com.


TAGS: actor, actors, actress, celebrities, celebs, directors, famous, graphics, image generator, images, movie star, movie stars, personalities, show biz, show business, singers, songwriters, stage performers, well known

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