Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Insult Generator With A Custom URL Domain Name

Visit <a href="">www.Comedy<b>Search</b></a>
The above random insulter is a Flash animation that loads 20 random (from a database of 1,000 insults) each time it is loaded.

My newest site is :)

I had noticed that one of my old time favorite sites was down for a while so I tried to make a clone of it with more added features (added ecard sender, HTML codes for copy & pasting to your pages, added other gag images that dynamically add the victims name, added links to other funny dynamic sites). I came up with the idea of making a personal page generator that allows you to make a "hatepage" for jerks you know (ex boyfriends/girlfriends, politicians, celbrities, rich people, your boss, teachers, coworkers, students, etc.).

You can use a form there to enter a victims name (First Last) or you can just change the web address to something like or (you can use a dot, dash or underscore for space between first and last names). This site has been set up as a prank to send to friends and enimies. You can send an ecard (anonymously) from the site with a custom "hate mail" message and also the person's name entered will be converted to their own custom gag page (if you emailed the name John Doe, they will get an added message like: I googled for John Doe and I found site #1 ranking).

You are provided the HTML codes for linking to the page or adding the top flash animation to your blogs/sites. Each generated URL/page has an anymous emailer at the bottom of the page.

Be careful, you may hurt someone's feelings with this web tool!

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