Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Cool Text 3D Effect Maker Without Software

Make text like above on!

I have already created 200 hundred (see the full preview list HERE, more coming soon) of fancy text (upper/lowercase letters/numbers) and special character sets where you can convert 50 characters of your own custom words (you may use characters AaBbCc DdEeFfGg HhIiJjKk LlMmNnOo PpQqRrSs TtUuVv WwXxYyZz 1234567890 !.;,'( )&@?-). All letters are hand designed in photoshop and out online free tool/utility let's you transfer your words to fancy 3D text. Choose from styles (*.atn) like bling, candies, cake, chrome, gold, stone, blood, plastics, etc.

We had set up another fancy text maker (see link HERE) that only allowed uppercase alphabet letters (no numbers, no special chars), but people emailed us saying it was not quite what they wanted (they wanted lowercase fonts and some main special characters like an at sign).

More Special Text Effect Samples Created:

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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Jesus Christ Panhandling Sign Generator

Now you can write your own message on the sign JESUS CHRIST is carrying (holding in hands). You can choose from hundreds of TrueType fonts and colors. Put what ever text you wish to have JESUS promote for you (your business, your blog, your website, etc).

Actual Created Sample:

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