Monday, May 29, 2006


419 Nigerian Scam Placard Sign Generator (make your own Nigerian "fan signs")

Ever hear of those Nigeria scam artists who claim they have millions of dollars ceased and with your help (thye say you get a commission) they can get access to it? Well if you as them to prove their identity, they will send you a scanned fake ID (with a photo of them) and to show it's their "real" faked ID photograph, they will suggest you tell them a silly phrase or slogan and they will write it on a cardboard placard (sign) where they will then hold the cardboard sign (with your nonsense phrase) and take a digital photograph to email you to trick you into believing it's really them (kinda like how a kidnapper uses a picture taken with the kid and todays newspaper).

The more these generated fakery scammer photos get around, people will be more aware of how the scams go, thus further diluting the scams effectiveness and also lowering the amount of fraud victims. Many of these Nigerian con cartist have been known to try to get you to come to their country only to kidnap or murder you for your money. Never send these scammers any of your private details, because at the least these email scams are phishing for your information to at least steal your indentity (identity theft is one of the highest crimes in USA).


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Many Nigerian scammers are using a technique where they will write what ever phrase on a cardboard sign to some how prove who they are (maybe they provide a fake ID with a related photo of themselves) and that you are really talking to them.
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*BTW: Learn ways to scam the scammers or just waste the scamming jerks time (so they find less victims) by scam baiting them on!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Astronaut In Space Sign Generator

Most expensive to create of all the sign generators (actual photgraph taken from space, it costs millions to launch the shuttle, never mind the "out of ship" costs and the Space Station costs), you can customize the text/words on the cardboard sign the astronaut is holding above the planet earth!

Custom Space Sign Sample:

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