Sunday, August 12, 2007


New Sign Generators And Custom Clipart Templates

I had a request to make some simplier/basic templates for clipart (not photographs) makers of various road signs using some supplied vector PDF files of road signs.

I decided to make these templates even though I felt they were going to be boring and too plain (I rejected the idea before I had requests). But after I started making a few templates up, I started seeing that sometimes simple fake looking graphics can look good with personalized mesages on them. I decided to look up other fairly "boring" (past rejects) and started setting them up as templates too, they were not that bad looking after all so I did a bunch more tongiht. They are nothing special, but it's easy to make your own custom clipart!

Here's the new list (I stopped at 50, I get obsessed) I set up tonight:
  1. Don't Walk On The Grass Sign
  2. Police Line Tape Generator (meth bust, yellow plastic taping)
  3. Mesh Fencing Sign Generator
  4. Optical Illusion Generator (change text, moving effect illusions)
  5. Optical Illusions Text Maker (circle with moving wavy lines effect)
  6. Antique Advertisement Generator
  7. Announcements Generator
  8. Old Mail Stamp Generator
  9. Olde Celtic Paper Generator
  10. Aging Paper Generator (black background, bent corners)
  11. Old Postcard Generator (black knight on horse)
  12. 1900s Postcard Maker
  13. Book Signing Generator
  14. Bottle Of Pills Generator (write your own med bottle label)
  15. Cereal Ad Generator (60s style advertising)
  16. BandAid Image Generator (cover a healing wound with your words)
  17. Baseball Trophy Geneartor (award yourself, engrave your name)
  18. Baseball Rookie Sign Generator (team holding and posing for photo shoot)
  19. Business Card Generator (hand held business card, add letters)
  20. Business Guy Picture Generator (photo of man in business suit and tie)
  21. Canada Flag Generator (clipart, not a photo but a created graphic)
  22. Candy Hearts Generator (candy Valentine treats)
  23. Woman Can Poster Generator (World War 2 poster)
  24. I Love You Card (gift card with roses and rose pedals)
  25. Cigarette Package Warning Label Generator
  26. Rebel Flag Generator (clipart generating)
  27. Warning Label Generator (make your own cation labels)
  28. Caution Label Maker (vector clipart of warning sign)
  29. Hazard Zone Generator (construction zone clipart, yellow/black stripes)
  30. Work Zone Clipart Generator
  31. Road And Sign Gnerator (clipart)
  32. Red Circle Sign Generator (another text to clipart maker)
  33. Green Circle Sign Generator (clipart, not realistic)
  34. Yellow Clipart Sign Generator (black border, yellow fill)
  35. Watch Your Hands Warning Generator (clipart, hands caught in gears)
  36. Danger Warning Clipart Generator
  37. Radiowaves Warning Generator (clipart signage)
  38. Laser Warning Label Generator (clipart)
  39. Danger Zone Clipart Maker
  40. Tire Rocks Warning Sign Clipart Maker
  41. Stop Sign Image Generator (make more clipart)
  42. Don't Touch Sign Generator (clipart creator)
  43. Food Warning Label Generator (clipart sign)
  44. Fake Wooden Sign Generator (clipart making, black/white)
  45. Fake Sign Generator V2 (make cliparts, black and white)
  46. Fake Sign Generator V3 (colored clipart, yellow sign, brown handle)
  47. Keep Out Clipart Maker (red and white clipart sign)
  48. No Entrance Sign Generator (big red dot, clipart)
  49. Be Careful Sign Clipart Designer (carefully change the text)
  50. Pink Sign Generator (clipart, not photograph)

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