Sunday, November 19, 2006


Silly Address Label Maker

Custom Send-To Address Labels:

Ever wanted to send a letter to someone where the envelope stands out from the rest of the postal mail? How about putting the address you are sending to in a funny image from to make a unique looking packaging never seen before! Make a funny parody personalized envelope for your letters.

These printable image templates can be printed at home/office to envelopes using standard Inkjet, Bubblejet or laser printers (do not use your photo printers that use heat dye sublimation technology)! They are free to create (you can even buy your creations as custom made magnets).

If the postoffice refuses to send (we have not had this happen yet to us) your letter(s), they must (by law) return the mail to sender so you know your mail never went through. There are currently no rules that stop you from using Web 2.0 Image Generators to create customized /personalized images to print on envelopes.

Here is an example:

You can find lots of on-line programs to make these kind of images at! In testing many of these images, we have had 1 postcard (out of 10) that was lost in the mailstream (or post office), but cannot reproduce the problem consistently. Upon resending lost cards, they always get delivered so it seems it's safe to use this technique for mailing letters or postcards.

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