Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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I updated the text to texture writting on an image to have another 500 seamless tiles (background textures to use for fonts and typed words, dynamic images). You can browse the texture previews on www.txt2pic.com/signs/logos/logos.asp (even preview as a webpage background graphic/image in full screen in case you need web page back ground tiles). I have concidered this Web 2.0 application a logo creator as that is what most people seem to use it for (my original intention was for it to be a email sig generator so search engines and spam bots could not read your email address).

If you do not want to have a fancy texture for your text logo, then try out www.txt2jpg.com for the simpler version of this online app/tool.

Don't forget that we have an animated text logo designer (bling glitters) on www.glitterizer.com :)

You are free to use these logos that you create/personalize yourself in any way you see fit. For the free versions of the logos, one of our web pages are tagged in the lower left corner (tradeware software) or you can pay a small "ransom" (PayPal payment option, cheap to have full rights by removing tags) to have the tag removed. Use the logos on your blog, forum, guestbook, website, MySpace forums, social network/bookmarking sites, personal profiles, hide your e-mail addy, etc...

Hi Graphic Generator,
In response to your comment on my blog , The Questing Librarian (http://questinglibrarian.blogspot.com), your comic strip generator was mentioned to me during a program that I was participating in called Learning 2.0 (http://plcmclearning.blogspot.com/2006/09/10-play-around-with-image-generators.html)
which introduced Web 2.0 technology to library staff. One of the things we covered in blog post #10 was Image Generators. Many of us really enjoyed these tools. If you would like to see other Image Generator creations by staff check out this post (http://plcmclearning.blogspot.com/2006/10/l2-image-slideshow.html)
I know that the teen library staff at ImaginOn (http://www.imaginon.org) hope to incorporate this into some workshops they offer for teens. Thanks for your comment and enjoy browsing.
--Christie BW :)
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